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  Mission Statement  


Hackett Catholic Prep is committed to preparing our students for lifelong success by promoting and developing faith, character, and academic achievement in a supportive and challenging Catholic faith-based environment.




Committed to growing in his or her faith

- a visible, inspiring witness of faith in Jesus Christ

- encourages and supports others seeking to grow in their faith

- strives to live by gospel values and Christian attitudes

- takes leadership roles in faith development

- gives evidence of good moral choices and moral development

Seeks to learn and grow in all areas of life

- takes school and education seriously; is committed to academic growth

- a well-rounded person who strives to grow intellectuallly,   physically/athletically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially

Demonstrates family spirit and builds community

- welcomes and befriends all kinds of people, regardless of race, wealth, status, cliques, or popularity

- shows a concern for the community and the common good, not just for self

Committed to service, justice, and peace

- participates in community service and local social action

- through mission trips or other activities, shows an awareness of social justice issues nationally and internationally

- defends and befriends the social outcast, the lonely, and the forgotten in the school and in society

- respectful of the environment and creation

- shows reverence and respect for all human life

A person with skills for building the future

- learning skills of analysis and critical thinking

- searches for truth and wisdom

- deals well with differences among people of different cultures and backgrounds

- able to critique school and society in constructive ways

- flexible and willing to change and grow

Chaminade Award Criteria at Hackett Catholic Prep


  About The School  

History of Hackett Catholic Prep

The idea for Hackett began when its predecessor - St. Augustine High School - had to turn away 200 students due to lack of space in 1963.  A capitol campaign was launched and more than $1.5 million was raised in just over a year so that the new high school could be built, opened, and dedicated on October 4, 1964.  Some 4,300 families from area Catholic parishes were responsible for raising the money needed for the new building.

The new high school was originally named Monisignor John R. Hackett High School, after the longtime pastor of St. Augustine Cathedral, who served from 1923 until 1953.  Hackett was originally an all-boys school, but it became co-educational in 1972.  Hackett Catholic Prep currently serves 258 students, and underwent a name change a little over a year ago.  Its new name underscores the school's mission statement:  "To prepare students for lifelong success by promoting and developing faith, character and academic achievement in a supportive and challenging Catholic faith-based environment".