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Transfer Guidelines

Hackett Catholic Prep High School  Transfer 

Student Guidelines


·       Hackett Catholic Prep (HCP) will grant credit for a course from another accredited school only when the course meets MANS (Michigan Association Non-public School) accreditation guidelines and approximates a course at Hackett Catholic Prep.   HCP reserves the right to require a course when it will positively benefit the student's program.

·      Hackett Catholic Prep can waive subjects that are required during specific grade levels if a student does not attend HCP while in that grade.

·      A Hackett Catholic Prep diploma will be granted under the following circumstances:

o   When all Hackett Catholic Prep requirements for graduation have been met

o   When a student completes at least six (6) credits during his/her senior year at HCP, unless extenuating family circumstances warrant special consideration

·      If a student receives college credit for a junior or four-year college course, it is not applicable for credit toward a Hackett Catholic Prep diploma.

·      A student transferring to Hackett Catholic Prep will only be eligible for graduation honors or in -house scholarship opportunities if she/he attends the last two years of high school at HCP and accumulates at least twelve (12) credits during those two years.

·      Previous school transcript information will only be added to the Hackett Catholic Prep transcript based on the HCP grading scale.  If there is a conflict in grading scales, students may choose to have their previous school transcript sent along with their HCP transcript to institutions requesting this information.

·      All students must carry an academic load of at least six (6) credits. Courses which are required in the Hackett Catholic Prep curriculum must be completed at HCP and may not be replaced by outside offerings from any other institution without prior approval of the administration. 

  • All transfer students will be considered ineligible for sports teams until declared eligible by the Athletic Director based on MI-ISAA (Michigan High School Athletic Association) and Hackett Catholic Prep guidelines.
  • To attend Hackett Catholic Prep, a student must be under nineteen years of age. A student whose birthday occurs on or after September 1 of a current school year may attend for the balance of that school year.
  • Students wishing to transfer into Hackett Catholic Prep may not have been previously suspended or expelled from any school, found guilty of a weapon or controlled substance violation, or have had a school attendance record outside HCP's guidelines for receiving credit. The student must have a minimum 2.0 overall GPA.

·      A student will not be admitted unless a schedule can be created.


Transfer students will be allowed to enroll in classes based upon the following guidelines which are dependent upon the marking period configuration from the previous school:

Semesters :

Transfers may occur during the first week of the public school semester calendar but not later than the beginning of the fourth week of the Hackett Catholic Prep school year. Students transferring in under these circumstances will be held accountable for material covered in classes for semester testing purposes.

Trimesters :

If a student transfers to Hackett Catholic Prep at the beginning of the school year, the guidelines are the same as a semester school transfer. Students wishing to transfer after the first trimester would enroll in first semester classes that are closest to the previous class schedule in order to merge into a semester schedule. Credit for first trimester classes would be evaluated for posting on a Hackett Catholic Prep transcript. Students wishing to transfer during their second trimester must do so prior to the start of the fourth week of our second semester. Students transferring in under these circumstances will be held accountable for material covered in classes for semester testing purposes. Because of difficulty in scheduling, credit transfer and remaining school calendar, students may not transfer after that time.

Block schedule:

Block schedule transfers are not compatible with the Hackett Catholic Prep semester schedule. Students may enter at the beginning of the year using the above guidelines for "Semesters." Due to the length of class time and credit for block scheduled classes, students are strongly advised to remain in the block schedule and transfer at the semester. Those students transferring from a block schedule at mid-semester will be enrolled in comparable classes, if possible, and may need to repeat content to merge with the semester class. Students transferring in under these circumstances will be held accountable for material covered in classes for semester testing purposes. Additional classes added to the schedule may only be available to audit if contact hours for credit cannot be met. Students coming at the beginning of second semester classes, using the above guideline for "Semesters," will only be enrolled in semester classes and may have to make up required full-year courses needed to complete Hackett Catholic Prep's graduation requirements.

Late transfers Due to Relocations:

Students who transfer to the Kalamazoo area from outside our service area may not be    eligible to receive Hackett Catholic Prep credit for courses depending on their transfer date. The HCP administration will review the transcripts from the previous school to determine the placement of the student. If similar classes are not available, those late transfers would be allowed to audit courses for the remainder of the semester, if it would benefit the student's program. If the student is placed in classes mid-semester, then testing adjustments may be made after review of the previous school's grade report. In all cases, determination of grade reporting from the previous school and Hackett   Catholic Prep will be clarified on an individual basis when reports are received and reviewed.

The principal reserves the right to make the final decision on any of the above guidelines.